Simplifying how your contributors get approved for media accred

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Friendly automated ‘nudges’ reminding your contributors to be reliable

Media Accred is designed to give your contributors a little nudge to be more reliable so they get to go to the top events. With star-ratings to keep them accountable for turning up to events or giving timely notice that they can no longer attend as well as delivering content within 24hrs.

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Remove unnecessary follow-up with automated reminders

You will always know which contributors owe you content and who has already supplied. They will always receive automated emails to remind them when content is due or overdue

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Verified contributor profiles means less forms with the same content control

Publications create a profile allowing their contributors to become verified users, who can apply for event accreditation under your brand. You will be able to approve or decline your requests before they reach the event host; you still control the content they create for your brand.

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Everyone is kept up-to-date without back and forth emails

Contributors can see exactly where their applications sit, whether it’s pending, approved or declined. If they can no longer attend the show, they simply remove themselves from the live-list and free up the ticket and everyone is automatically notified.

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