Simplifying how you share and approve media accreditation with automated lists

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Remove unnecessary follow-up with automated notifications

Ensuring you no longer get inundated with emails from publications requesting access to events or looking for updates on the status of their requests. Publications and contributors are automatically kept up-to-date without you sending a single email.

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Your lists are updated with a single click

When the time comes to assign media accreditation, you can approve or decline a request directly through the site and a system-generated notification will automatically notify the contributor of the good or bad news.

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Know that you have the best publications covering your event

Before approving a request for media accreditation you can quickly check the most important stats. Ensuring you get event exposure in the right publications from contributors that have the best star-ratings for reliability.

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Manage your Contributors Media Accred with ease

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Maximise event revenue with auto-updated lists

Contributors cancelling last minute means wasted tickets and lost revenue for artists, promoters & venues. No more spreadsheets or manual lists being updated by trawling through long email chains, where updates are lost. All your lists are kept updated in a single location with a single button. Clean & Simple.

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Venue lists are always accurate with live list view

You are first to know when a contributor cancels, whether last minute with advance notice. Your door list is all ready to go with real-time updates if contributors cancel last minute. No need to update venues with last minute list changes.

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